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Protecting Yourself as a Rideshare Contractor

The pandemic put fear in many people, especially workers who were on the front line in business establishments. Rideshare contractors were even more fearful because of the close proximity of their clients. However, there is no reason to fear with effective safety strategies in place. These are some tips for you if you are currently a rideshare driver trying to stay safe:

Keep Windows Down and AC Off

One way you might add an additional layer of self-protection is to keep your windows down a little bit and leave the AC and heat off. That way, you won't have germs being spread about from the HVAC system. Keeping your windows at least cracked will allow germs to escape if someone coughs or sneezes in your vehicle as well.

Wear a High-Quality Mask

You'll need to purchase a high-quality mask and keep it on while you are working inside your vehicle. You may want to invest in a box of gloves for yourself as well.

Use Sanitizers and Sanitation Tools

Another method to keep yourself safe is to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your glove box at all times. Use it many times if you need to do so to feel safe. You'll also need to keep clean rags and a bottle of sanitizer so that you can wipe your car down to prevent infection as well. That's your best bet if you want to offer yourself the highest levels of protection. You should clean the inside of your vehicle before and after every shift you run to keep your vehicle as safe as possible.

Get Tested

You also need to think about the people you serve and keep them safe as well. Therefore, you may want to get tested to ensure that you do not have something contagious. You can grab hold of some rapid antigen tests that will give you an answer. The tests come in packs of five so that you can test yourself once each week. You'll need to quarantine or stop driving if you find that you've come down with something. Check with the CDC to find out how long you should cease operating your business so that you can get past the contagious stage.

Enforce Mask Rules for Clients

Sometimes, you have to be forceful to keep yourself safe. That might be the case regarding enforcing mask-wearing rules for your clients. Essentially, you're a business owner who offers a service to other people while using a third party's platform. As a business owner, you have a right to ask that your clients wear masks just in case they may cough or sneeze inside your vehicle. Exercising that practice will keep you safe from many illnesses, not just the most recent ones. You can avoid picking up the flu or the common cold using that strategy, for example.

Exercise some of the safety strategies mentioned above if you are a rideshare driver. You should successfully keep yourself healthy and safe if you do so.

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